Monday, June 3, 2013

30 Quick Tips For Better Health by Don Verhulst, M.D

This is one of those small, easy to take anywhere sort of paperback books. One you are thrilled you remembered to tuck away in the nook of your car, purse or bag when the time to read presents itself. I was glad that today I had this book tucked away when I took my lunch and ate it at the park. This book made a wonderful, picnic lunch companion and I ended up staying at the park far longer than I had initially planned because of it. Most all, if not all of the little tidbits shared here for better health are ones I have already personally read about. Even so, they are still worth repeating! Good to be reminded. The chapters are short so if you’ve just got a few minutes left before heading off to work, at lunch break, before bed, or what have you…then you can sneak in a quick chapter or even two. I liked how the author used acronyms to help you remember the health tips such as the ones for a heart healthy lifestyle. H= Healthy Foods E= Exercise A= Antioxidants R= Restrict T= Temperance Each chapter gives a person ways to make the needed changes to happen. Ideas are given how to accomplish these changes. Quick. To the point. Helpful. I received this book for free from Siloam publishing in exchange for a free book review through The Bookteria book review program. I was not required to write a favorable review.

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